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Revision Health Unlimited is revolutionizing the weight loss industry by offering a full-service package guaranteed to help you obtain the body you deserve. Our innovative approach is formulated by bariatric experts for your weight loss journey. Our patients range from those looking to lose a few pounds and improve their energy levels, to those with obesity looking for long term health benefits. You will be cared for from the day you step into our Georgia office, to the day your reach your weight loss goals, and beyond!

Love the body you’re in

We know that weight loss is a difficult and highly individualized process. Whether you have 20 pounds to lose, or have been struggling with obesity for decades, our team is here to support you for life. At our Macon, Georgia practice, our experts will work with you to identify how to achieve and maintain the body you want, and ultimately, how to love the person you are.

Obtain the body you deserve

Through Revision Health Unlimited’s partnership with ReShape – the first gastric balloon to be approved by the FDA – we are able to provide you with the success you’re looking for. With this weight loss balloon, patients see results quickly and without surgery. If you want to say “no” to invasive surgeries, call us today to learn about our non-surgical weight loss options.

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If you’re in the Macon, GA area and are looking to lose weight and gain more energy, our team is here for you. From analysis of your gut health and diet coaching to the ReShape balloon, we have a solution. Send us a message on our Contact Us page, or give us a call today!


Welcome to Revision Health Unlimited

Revision Health Unlimited is revolutionizing the weight loss industry. We offer a variety of treatments including the ReShape weight loss balloon, which is a non-surgical weight loss device.

Our highly-qualified core team members bring experience and enthusiasm from all corners of the globe – from bariatric experts specializing in obesity treatment, to nutrition experts and beyond. We are thrilled to bring this unique experience to Macon, GA and hope you will take our hand on your way to physical enlightenment.

Microbiota Analysis

Is your gut health derailing your quest to lose weight?

Revision Health Unlimited will run a full panel of your intestinal flora, as a part of creating a diet plan that is unique to you and your microbiota!

Learn about Microbiota Analysis

ReShape Balloon

Earn results quickly with the ReShape dual balloon technology. 

Non-Surgical procedure to jumpstart your weight loss journey!

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Diet Coaching

Weight loss can be a mentally and emotionally draining process. 

We are here to support you through the highs and lows and to keep you on track to reach your goals!

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Customized Diet Plans

What if your diets never worked because they just weren’t optimized for you? 

Revision Health Unlimited offers diet plans customized to your life, from your sleep patterns, to your intestinal flora!

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