Our mission at Revision Health Unlimited is to empower you to improve your personal wellness, and reach your once unattainable weight loss goals. As weight loss experts in Macon, GA, we are dedicated to safe, successful weight loss treatments. What makes us different? Our unique, multi-faceted approach combines research driven methods with your personal, physical and genetic makeup to create a focused plan formulated specifically for your success. These sustainable lifestyle changes help maintain a long-term healthy weight and improve overall well-being.

How we can help you:

  • Non-surgical weight loss: Reshape procedure, new dual balloon technology (make link to reshape page), in-office diet and exercise coaching sessions.
  • Your personalized weight loss program will include what and when to eat, what type of prebiotic fiber to use and how to optimize sleep and circadian pattern.
  • It is our hope, based on available experimental evidence, that changing the composition of your gut bacteria may lead to long term improvement in metabolism and general heath, minimize [or delay] the risk of developing chronic diseases in genetically susceptible individuals and improve disease course in those suffering from these diseases. Examples of these diseases include obesity, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, premature aging in treated HIV patients.

Cutting-edge research:

  • Gut bacteria abnormalities cause obesity and metabolic disease by:
    • increasing the rate we absorb carbohydrates
    • increasing the storage of calories as fat
    • increasing the production of insulin, leading to insulin resistance
    • studies have shown that the gut bacteria is different in people who are obese and diabetic versus people who are a normal weight with no metabolic abnormalities
  • Improving “gut health” is based on the theory that obesity, many autoimmune and chronic diseases are caused by the triad: genetics, environmental triggers and a gut abnormality.
    • Several well-designed studies provided compelling evidence that changes in gut bacteria not only cause inflammation in our intestines, but lead to gut leakiness. This new theory suggests that our intestinal barrier has a large impact on whether we tolerate or react to environmental toxins that we ingest.
    • Decreasing intestinal inflammation and healing a leaky gut could potentially prevent or delay these chronic diseases; and if these diseases already present, then could potentially improve the course of these diseases;

Our approach:

  • Leveraging our combined expertise in the fields of carbohydrate, food, dietetic, circadian and  intestinal biological sciences, gastroenterology and bariatric surgery to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective strategies to meet your short term and long term weight loss goals
  • We follow the latest research, use state-of-the-technology, and update our methods as new tests and evidence-based therapies and procedures become available

Disclaimer: The goal of Revision Health Unlimited is NOT to provide diagnostic tool/test or substitute for currently established intervention to prevent and treat chronic diseases.


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