Your self esteem impacts your weight loss goals.

Facts are these: how you look depends on how you eat and how your feel about yourself.

Beauty Therapy is the first makeover to focus on releasing beauty from the human core by concentrating on bolstering your self esteem and helping you harness and curate the beauty within. Our self esteem-boosting beauty therapy includes a physical examination and blood test that will help determine what foods are best for you to eat, the best moisturizer for your skin, how much and what kind of exercise you need; facts that are just as important in a makeover, if not more than, choosing the right clothes to wear.

As a fashion and beauty expert, Franco Lacosta is genuinely excited about the personal discovery of each individual, in which he proposes and guides the subject through an uplifting analysis where the subject is inspired to acquired new found knowledge and adapt it to a new personalized health plan, created just for them.

Teaching the subjects a new way of seeing themselves, how-to recognize and appreciate what they possess, discover core values and get a sense of clarity in personality traits. To then be able to choose the best thoughts, colors choices and clothes to wear. Mr. Lacosta is an expert at helping people connect with the positive aspects about themselves that make them feel good and thus shine on and off camera. Concluding the head-to-toe make over, a fashion photo shoot takes place, capturing the hard evidence of beauty alive and thriving in the subject. He just listens and brings awareness and another perspective that enhances the experience of their lives.

Franco has the natural ability to see, to find and to generate beauty everywhere, and in everyone. He can see people for who they truly are, without the struggles, heartaches and sacrifices that burden their lives, their self-image, and inevitably, their outwards appearance. Franco can understand the apparent lack of beauty and the journey of emotions it requires to connect with it, to release and let it flow. And he believes that when beauty flows, it flows through every aspect of our lives, expressing itself through everything we do.

All he sees is potential, which is why his approach as a host is intrinsically aspirational , yet no-nonsense, and thus instinctively humorous. He provides a hyper-positive environment that balances out the hard truths that surface throughout the process. This approach also helps limit the subject’s psychological and emotional resistance to discovering their own beauty, helping them turn their weaknesses into strengths. Thus, transforming what might appear as flaws, into the strongest of beauty assets.

In helping individuals recognize and tap into their beauty, he is able to bring the sparkle back to their eyes, if not for the first time in their lives. He knows how to let a person’s “star” truly shine without surgery, drugs or deceptions of any kind. He proves once and for all how a little love, a lot of laughter, the right information and caring attention, can make anybody blossom beautiful.

He pulls from his team of experts as he needs them eg. a choreographer, media trainer, nutrition consultant, doctor, etc. to work with him to build star quality!! He photographs each subject after their journey so they can see how far they have come. The beginning to a new life.