Did you know that, in addition to what and when you eat, how and when you sleep also impacts your weight loss? Our Circadian Rhythm studies will help you identify how to work with your body and schedule instead of against it.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

clock-2-1416817-639x949Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that all living beings on the planet follow based on their relationship to the periods of light and dark, or day and night. While circadian rhythm varies from organism to organism (a nocturnal animal has a different set of rules to follow than a human), how well we sleep, work, eat, and even our overall health relies heavily on how much rest we have and when.

As our world has become more industrialized, we have begun to see an increase in light pollution, shift work (specifically over-night shifts), and handheld, backlit devices. These technological improvements to our communications and efficiency have had a major impact in our sleep schedules, which can negatively impact your wellness and ability to lose weight.

How do you fix the health problems caused by your irregular Circadian Rhythm?

Studies suggest that irregular sleeping patterns can impact the quantity and diversity of bacteria in your gut, which can contribute to weight gain and other health problems. To compensate for these issues, sometimes the answer is to simply “get more rest,” but if you work night shifts or are busy as a wife and mother, how can you account for the negative impact of your sleep schedule on your health goals? Revision Health Unlimited uses current, cutting-edge research to assess your lifestyle patterns and determining methods of diet and activity to aid in regaining balance in your microbiome.